Full Comment: Barbara Kay on Conspiracy Theorists:The Jews are behind this blog post too! (National Post March 6, 2008)

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Barbara Kay on Conspiracy Theorists: The Jews are behind this blog post too!

Here’s what keeps me up at nights: Conspiracy theorists. How do they do it? I mean, how do they keep reality at bay?

Normal people have theories, of course. But they don’t think the war of 1812 was set in motion by the same folks who started the French Revolution or scuttled the Titanic. Know wha’m sayin’?

A disproportionate amount of conspiracy theory revolves around Jews. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion alone, endlessly debunked, just won’t go away. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that millions of people around the world, many by no means otherwise imbecilic, truly believe in their hearts that the Jews control the world, and that anything bad that happens to them or their tribe or nation can be directly traced to a cabal of Jews somewhere in MittelEuropa, sticking pins in maps, indicating where disasters will strike, while their wives knead dough soaked with the blood of gentile babies for next Passover’s matzoh.

Here is the particular part that keeps me up nights. How do these people square in their minds the “fact” that the Jews control the world with the inconvenient real fact that the Jews keep getting shafted by history? Don’t they ever stop to wonder why these world-controlling folks can’t even keep the residents of Sderot safe or Israeli Apartheid Week off the campus?

I only mention all this because a friend passed along a really fascinating example of the type of thing I’m maundering on about. A few days ago I had a post on FullComment.com about the 2009 Durban conference and about how proud I was of Stephen Harper for recognizing that it would be just another anti-Semitic hatefest. Well, a friend of mine liked it and posted the piece on his personal blog and got this response:

Barbara Kay's comments would make sense only to one who does not know history, that is to say, only to one who accepts the conventional wisdom surrounding "history."

To discover the source of the evils we are suffering, have suffered and still must suffer, it is necessary to, as the saying runs, "follow the money." By far the two richest families on the planet, each of whose wealth is counted in trillions (not mere billions) of dollars, or pounds, or Euros, are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Oy vey! And I am anything but a racist.

Note also that Diana was chosen as Charlie's wife (almost certainly against the wishes of either of them) because the blood of the Rothschilds flowed in her veins, the goal being to produce for the throne of England a male heir of that family. His name is William.

Remember also that Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a money-lender of the eighteenth century, the patriarch of that power-hungry tribe, was the bankroller of the French Terror and every single war since that time down to the present day. Money can quite easily be used to set nation against nation on any pretext; it can, and it has been used in that fashion and it is still being used thus.

Finally, the only class of people that Our Lord, when he saw them in the temple, physically beat — he plaited a whip of reeds and applied it to their backs and overturned their tables in righteous anger, the only ones were the money-lenders. Money is Satan's primary tool. When, quite soon now, he makes his personal appearance, he shall have total control of money so that one who refuses to worship him as "God" may neither buy nor sell ... and may only die. Mr. Harper won't have a say in the matter, of that I assure you.


I suppose it must be pretty relaxing in a way to be this kind of theorist, as it puts very little strain on one’s imagination or intelligence, not to mention one’s conversational skills:

“Terrible goings-on in Darfur.”


“Shame about that tsunami in Bangladesh.”


“Lot of controversy about Chuck Cadman and the Conservative Party.”

“Follow the money …”

All kidding aside, I always did think Prince William looked a little Jewish, and hey, isn’t it every Bar Mitzvah boy’s dream, like Harry’s, to go fight in Kandahar? Ha ha. No seriously, there will be a meeting of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy at my house Tuesday night. Lots to talk about: the U.S. elections, the coming recession and the Olympics. Also a debate on Mr. won’t-take-orders George Soros: if he succeeds finally in getting drugs legalized, is this good or bad for the Jews? Rugelach and coffee will be served.