Khadrs have mocked Canada for too long (National Post, April 28, 2004)

Until a week ago I hadn't heard of clinical psychologist Dr. Marty McKay, but she became my favourite Canadian when she finally provided a legal and ethical way to wipe the smirk off the face of Maha Elsamnah Khadr.

Ms. Khadr returned recently from Pakistan with her son Karim, spine-damaged in a gunfight with Pakistani troops that killed his father, Osama bin Laden associate Ahmed Said Khadr. Ms. Khadr has frequently (and publicly) expressed her wish that her children take up suicidal missions. Dr. McKay urged the Children's Aid Society to investigate the Khadr family for evidence of child abuse. Dr. McKay notes in her report to the CAS: "I am sure that you would agree that counseling one's child to become suicidal or homicidal constitutes emotional child abuse, leading to physical abuse when the child acts upon these feelings."

Hurrah for Dr. McKay who did what all the Queen's men could not -- or would not -- do: ease the pain caused by the bone of indignation that is lodged in our national craw.

In 1995 Jean Chretien, who never did grasp the seriousness of global terrorism, bought Ma Khadr's lies about Pa Khadr's "charity work" and personally intervened with then-prime minister Benazir Bhutto to have Ahmed Khadr released from a Pakistani prison to return to Canada, even though sworn affidavits from fellow terrorists had identified him as the architect of an Islamabad embassy bombing.

Now Canadian officials have quite arbitrarily expedited Ms. Khadr and Karim's exit visa from Pakistan to Canada (the visa necessary because of too many "lost" passports), although it was common knowledge that Ms. Khadr must have lied to cover her family's terrorist links. In an anemic response to public outrage upon their return, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty requested an "apology" from Ms. Khadr before receiving provincial benefits, while Immigration Minister Judy Sgro politely called on her to "show more respect for her citizenship." Ms. Khadr batted these impotent buzzing flies away with characteristic contempt.

The Khadr family have mocked Canada for too long. They are sworn acolytes to radical Islamism, which aims at world dominion through limitless violence, an ideology as pernicious and potentially more catastrophic than Nazism or communism. Although our government is mystifyingly loath to say so, we are at war with Islamo-fascism. The Khadrs' allegiance to al-Qaeda should constitute treason meriting deportation.

The Khadrs have not troubled to hide their jihadist sympathies or their disdain for Canada, because they know their rights backwards and forwards. Their sole value to Canada has been to demonstrate the need for a serious re-appraisal of Canada's citizenship policies, and to serve as the poster family for Canada's stupid faith in identity politics.

By encouraging immigrants to remain hyphenated Canadians, by constantly stressing rights but never gratitude, by educating their children to believe that minority grievances are often more important than collective unity, and by warehousing our own cultural heritage, modern Canada conceived and gave birth to the Khadr family. Unassimilating by cultural nature, the Khadrs arrived here to learn that our dominant cultural value is tolerance for others' values. Encouraged, they nourished passions that made them forever unassimilable. Nonjudgmental multiculturalism is the "root cause" of the Khadr debacle and there are doubtless other immigrants with similar objectives observing and taking ominous lessons from our government's laissez-faire passivity.

Dr. McKay's observations are refreshingly politically incorrect: "While Ms. Khadr may have the right to her religious and political views, it is also imperative to note that all children ... have equal rights of protection under the law and exceptions cannot be made based on cultural differences [my italics] ... child abuse is still a crime."

It took an apolitical psychologist to expose the soft underbelly of multiculturalism. The Khadr family's encouragement of child suicide ("... you would be our pride, in this family ... if you do this") does not stem from typical social dysfunctions like alcoholism or mental disease. It arises from freely chosen cultural imperatives popularly sanctioned across the Islamic world's militant elites. Canada's couscous multiculturalists, sowing diversity at any cost, have stubbornly ignored the withering blight of hatred for the West spreading amongst the protected hothouse blooms we have indiscriminately nurtured. Here is the poisoned fruit of those sentimental seeds.

Hopefully the CAS's investigation will discomfit and send the Khadrs packing once and for all. The years of official cosseting that fostered their anti-Canadianism will be archived as a shameful legacy of the Liberal party, as morally incriminating as Adscam.

After the Jewish school firebombing, Paul Martin anguished: "This is not our Canada." But the Khadr narrative suggests "our Canada" is mutating. There are now many Canadians for whom hatred expressed through violence is acceptable behaviour. He should have said: "I apologize for sharing sentiments and supporting policies that have contributed to this crime."

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