M-103 is a modern day blasphemy law, and “all Canadians should be worried”

Jews are far more likely to be victims of hate crimes in Canada than Muslims. But a motion called M-103 is coming before Parliament on February 16 to urge special consideration regarding “Islamophobia” without defining the word. 

M-103 could lead to curtailments of freedom of speech deemed hateful towards Muslims, but also, critically, towards Islam itself. Blasphemy laws conceived according to Shariah law have been adopted in a number of western countries.

It could happen here.

If it does, many of my columns could be construed as Islamophobic and subject to penalties.

I’m worried.

All Canadians should be worried.

PS: If you haven't already, sign our petition against the Liberals' new censorship measures at FreedomToOffend.com.