This teachers’ guide might be a “draft document” of Liberals’ M-103 Islamophobia “study”

M-103, the motion now being debated in Parliament, was carefully structured to look like an innocent show of solidarity with all victims of racism in Canada, with the casual addition of “Islamophobia” as a special cause for concern. 

In fact, for those who crafted the motion – and whether it was MP Iqra Khalid, its ostensible mother, or the Prime Minister’s Office, I am not sure, since Khalid refuses media interviews – hate crimes against groups other than Muslims were very far from their thoughts.

M-103 calls for a “study” of Islamophobia in Canada, but does not define Islamophobia.

Who will be involved in this study?

Will it be non-Muslim, objective researchers from, say, the Conference Board of Canada or some other respected think tank?

I would be very surprised if the NCCM, formerly CAIR.CAN, was not a principal actor in this study.

In my observation, it seems that one of this group’s principal objectives is to create a state of fear in Canadian Muslims that is unsupported by objective evidence.

Let me show you what I mean by taking a little tour of NCCM’s history with other allegedly trustworthy “studies” of Islamophobia in Canada....