The unholy alliance between radical Islam and the hard left

National Post - FULL COMMENT BLOG - Barbara Kay: 

The unholy alliance between radical Islam and the hard left 

In English Canada, the name Françoise David is not exactly a household word, but, however little credibility she has even in Quebec, she is still a major presence in, and co-founder of a legitimate – that is to say, politically legitimate, not morally - political party, “Québec Solidaire”. An ardent extreme left-wing feminist, you’d think that David would be all about the rights of women everywhere, not just in Quebec.

But by now we are used to some very illogical behaviour by these types. David is lending her name and prestige, such as it is, to the “Marxism-Festival of Resistance” taking place in Toronto May 10-13, a conference that is designed officially to unite Islamists with the radical Left. Islamists are no friends to women, but that’s a mere bagatelle when considering the larger and more important issue to leftists of denouncing Israel. Two of the participants, Wahida Valiante and Ausma Malik, were members of the Task Force of the Canadian Federation of Students, who issued the Report on the Needs of Muslim Students that recommends, among other things, the “integration of Islamic perspectives into courses such as marketing, nursing and finance – areas where there are specific differences between Western and Islamic perspectives”. (This report, the thin end of the wedge in introducing sharia law on campus, has been given a blessing by Barbara Hall of the Ontario Commission on the Rights of the Person. )

Another speaker at this “conference” will be Mohammed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, of which Wahida Valiante is vice-president. Mr. Elmasry gained infamy when he told a television audience that it was acceptable for Palestinian terrorists to blow up Israeli civilians.

Mme David cannot claim to be ignorant of her co-participants’ insalubrious ideology. David participated in a conference held in Cairo last April whose goal was to effect an alliance between the radical Left and the Muslim Brotherhood – i.e. terrorists - in order to combat capitalism, imperialism and Zionism.

I trust the National Post will be on the job covering the nuptials of this odd couple.